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It includes 4,000 horizontal and 2,000 vertical pixels to offer an ultra high-definition video resolution.


It includes 8,000 horizontal and 4,000 vertical pixels to offer an ultra high-definition video resolution.



It is a way of pronunciation specific to an individual, social class, or location.


A term used to describe the characteristics of a room that affect its ability to reflect sound waves in a manner that results in clear and distinct hearing.

Ad Lib

Performing and speaking without prior preparation.


Converting media or a program into an appropriate format for the target culture and language.


Automated Dialogue Replacement is the process of replacing the on-screen dialogue with a recorded one.


American Federation of Television and Radio Artists is a union of TV, radio, and voice actors.

Air Date

Broadcasting date.


It is the length or duration of a broadcast of a content segment or a program.


It is the background sound of the surroundings in a particular location or scene.

Ambient Noise

It is the room tone or the total sound particular to the space or environment.


A continuously variable electrical signal or a media software having tangible, physical quality and presence.

Analog Audio

A type of audio or video recording in which the recorded signal is transformed into the physical representation of the waveform of the original sound.


A draft version of a television advertisement that includes a sequence of illustrations accompanied by a voice-over, primarily created for test-marketing.


The technique of using computer-generated still images that are manipulated to create an impression of motion.


A formal statement about an event or fact that is made public.


It refers to a voice actor not playing any character in the script.


It represents the distinct and clear sounds in the speech.

Associate Producer

Responsible for liaising between the post-production personnel and a production company.


It is the sound that is recorded, tramsitted or reproduced.

Audio Codec

A tool or software that transforms analog audio into a digital data stream or signal, or vice versa.

Audio Description

A type of narration used to offer details about important visual aspects in a media piece, to aid blind and visually impaired individuals.

Audio Feed

It refers to an audio signal in the process of transmitting from one point to another.

Audio Guide

An audio guide, usually provided through a portable device, offers spoken information to visitors.

Audio Mix

A polished audio file involves harmonizing voice, sound effects, and music into a cohesive and well-balanced product.

Audio Playback

Audio playback is the process of playing back recorded sound or music from a storage medium through a device that converts the electrical signal into audible sound waves.

Audio Track

A track refers to a solitary flow or pathway of recorded audio in a storage medium or mixing console.


It refers to an audio recording of the entire book's content.

Audiovisual Translation

Translation of text in the context of audiovisual material, such as video, film, commercial, etc.


Trial performance that is non-paying for voice talent where the person reads the voice-over copy.

AV Mix

The act of merging audio and video sources into a single video output.


Audio Video Interleaved is a Windows movie file format developed by Microsoft.


Back Translation

It is the act of translating the translated file into the original language without referring to the original text.


The music, sound, or effects that play behind the dialogues for building a scene.


The number of bits transferred to or from a communication device in one second. It is a data transmission metric.

Basic Cable Service

A package of channels by cable TV company which excludes premium or paid channels.

Basic TV Package

A package with essential channels within the basic viewer subscription fee.


A group of media assets.


The prejudice for or against a group or a person in an unfair way.

Bilingual Subtitles

Also known as dual subtitles. These are subtitles in two different languages displayed on the screen simultaneously.

Block Subtitle

It is displayed on the screen for a specified number of seconds and then replaced with the next subtitle block.


It is an overhead mic stand.


A room that is acoustically isolated and designed for recording voice talent.

Branded Content

Content created by a company to attract the attention of potential customers and promote its brand is known as branded content.


It refers to the public distribution of media through fiber TV, satellite, and cable.

Broadcast Quality

It refers to the achieved quality of a TV video signal by professional video cameras and TBC (time base correctors).

Bumper Music

A pre-recorded production element used as a transition to or from commercial breaks containing voice-over and/or music.

Burnt-In Subtitle

Subtitles can't be turned off or on and are embedded in the video frames.


It refers to a one-time fee paid for voice-over services.



The programming that is carried on a cable TV.


The average number of production output that a production studio or a single professional can ensure within a given time frame.


Captioning is the process of displaying text on a screen that corresponds to the audio content being played.

Cartoon Voices

Character voices that go with animation or cartoon characters.

Cast Commercial

It features the performers in a show and acts as a broadcast advertisement.

CAT Tools

Computer-assisted translation tools are used by human translators for translation.


Community antenna television (now Cable TV).


The Compact Disc is a type of digital optical storage format that is used for storing digital audio and data.

Character Limit

The maximum character length of a subtitle line. It includes spaces, symbols, and punctuation.

Character Voices

A voice acting technique tailored to the persona of a particular role.

Characters Per Second

It is a reading speed measure. It refers to the number of characters displayed on the screen within a second.


It is a short piece of audio or video, typically a part of an extensive production.

Closed Captions

The process of generating and presenting a synchronized text version, which includes all the audio information. These can be dialogue, sound effects, speaker identifications, and non-speech audio, like background noises, in a media.


A pre-recorded message that promotes a product or service (also known as a commercial or spot)

Commercial Channel

Any channel generating revenue through advertisement is known as a commercial channel.


Processing the audio signals electronically so they take up less storage space.


Applying the same production, linguistics, or characters to the similar or same context throughout all assets of the media.


A piece of equipment resembling a large desk, audio engineers use it to monitor, record, and mix a voice-over session.


It refers to all the essential information outside the actual text that is required for comprehension and perception.

Contingency Budget

To overcome potential cost overruns, a designated amount of funds is added to the production budget.


Convergence can be defined as the merging of separate communication industries such as music, film, publishing, computers, and broadcasting through technological advancement.

Conversion Order

Conversion orders refer to situations where an English template/CC/SDH or language translations is already available but is required in a different format.


Refers to the voice-over script.


The exclusive rights to exploit a creative product by making copies.


The art of crafting messages that persuade listeners to feel certain ways and act accordingly.

Corporate Presentations

A means of conveying information to an audience through visual aids such as demonstrations, introductions, lectures, or speeches to create a positive impression.

Corporate Video

A type of multimedia content created by a company to support and advertise its internal or external communication objectives, such as training, instruction, or safety, without any commercial intent.

Creative Director

An individual responsible for managing work for all other creatives at the ad agency.


These are placed at the beginning or the end of a program as an acknowledgment of work done.

Cross Cultural

Dealing with or offering a comparison to span between the borders of two cultures.


It refers to time coding, i.e., creating a time code.

Cultural Assessment

Identification of a person or group's cultural preferences using a comparative analysis.

Cultural Awareness

Identifying and understanding the nuances of a particular culture.

Cultural Competence

Applying experiential, academic, and interpersonal skills to increase appreciation and understanding of cultural similarities and differences.

Cultural Diversity

It refers to the differences in ethnicity, gender, race, nationality, sexual identity, religion, physical ability, beliefs, values, language, socioeconomic status, behavioral patterns, or customs among groups.

Cultural Generalization

It is the tendency to assume that people from a particular culture will have similar beliefs and values and engage them in the same manner.

Cultural Intelligence

It is also known as the Cultural Quotient (QC). It is the ability to adapt to different or new cultural settings and proper in multiple cultures.

Cultural Norms

It refers to the behavioral patterns typically associated with a particular group having distinct identities based on ethnicity, language, culture, or race, separating them from others.

Cultural Sensitivity

Understanding and respecting the emotions and needs within others' culture and your own culture.

Culturally Appropreate

Taking into consideration the differences, similarities, and sensitivities to fit the perception of a particular cultural group.

Culturally-Sensitive Translation

Taking into consideration the cultural differences while translating a media file or any text.


It defines the patterns of shared and learned social characteristics of a particular social, age, or ethnic group.

Culture Shock

Tension or a state of distress (possibly physical symptoms) resulting from a relocation to a new and unfamiliar cultural environment.

Custom Demo

A personalized demo of voice talent on the customer-provided script.


It refers to a particular section of audiovisual content and is often used during the editing process.



Digital Audiotape (DAT) is a type of high-quality audio recording medium that is commonly used in sound studios.


A Digital Audio Workstation is a combination of hardware and software tools for developing and working with digital audio.


Separating a video signal into its component elements i.e., blue, green, and red.


It is a device that reads scrambled television signals and converts them into a visible program.


It is the process of deciphering the meaning within messages via culturally determined context, gesture, words, or timing.


It is the media file required by the client to be delivered.


Handing over the final localization media or project file(s) to the client.

Desktop Publishing

It is the process of generating documents on a computer system for large-scale publishing or small-scale local multifunction peripheral output.


A distinct form of language spoken by individuals belonging to a specific geographical area is distinguished by its own set of vocabulary, grammar rules, and pronunciation.


A script containing details of two or more characters talking to each other.

Dialogue Editor

A person that focuses solely on the dialogue.

Dialogue Replacement

A technique used in production in which the editor replaces original dialogues with studio-recorded dialogues after the filming process.

Dialogue Track

It refers to the soundtrack that carries the speech.

Diegetic Sound

Any sound whose source can be seen on the screen.


Primary transmission and data storage method. Each code is given a unique combination of bits, and every bit represents the absence or presence of a condition.

Digital Audio

A process of capturing audio or video in which the signal is transformed into digital data.

Digital Recording

The process of converting sound into numerical data and storing it on a DAT or computer hard drive.


It is the process of converting analog audio or video signal to digital data for digital storage.

Direct Broadcast Satellite

DBS is a high-power satellite used for broadcasting directly to homes.


A film based on a combination of documentary and fictional elements.


A program that aims to provide an accurate account of real-life facts and events to preserve a historical record (non-fiction).

Dolby (Tm)

Dolby has developed a noise reduction system called companding, which involves processing the signal before recording and then reverse-processing it during playback. This system helps to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

Dolby 5.1

DolbySix channel developed a digital sound system with five speakers and one subwoofer for bass.

Dolby Digital

Dolby developed a digital film format called 5.1 channel, which can be optically recorded onto a film release print in the spaces between the sprocket holes.

Dolby SR

A noise reduction system by Dolby for film sound, which uses encoding and decoding techniques to enhance the spectral recording.

Dominant Language

Greater proficiency in any language is called a dominant language.


Transmission of a signal from a communication satellite to a ground station.


Advertisements that prompt consumers to respond directly to the company through phone, SMS, or email, are known as direct-response television ads.

Dry Recording

Any recording without any manipulation and effects.


It is the process of replacing the original dialogue of a film or video with a translated version in a different language.

Dubbing Director

An individual who provides direction to voice actors during class, session, or audition.


Digital Video Disc is a digital optical data storage format for media files and software.



Learning outside the typical classroom using electronic technologies such as multimedia or online platforms.


The process of re-arrangement, addition, and removal of recorded material.


It is the process of incorporating sound into the video during the editing process to enhance the visual effects.


Combining digital or analog video signals (blue, green, and red) into a composite signal.


Turning your thoughts into messages via culturally determined context, gesture, words, or timing.


The process of scrambling a signal to allow access to only specific users after the payment of a fee.


An Electronic Program Guide refers to a list of shows in a time sequence within a program.


This refers to a type of media content that is part of a series and is designed to be distributed through television, radio, or online platforms.


The act of leaving particular categories or people or individuals out of a group.

Executive Producer

An individual responsible for overseeing the entire production project.


Saving a file into your desired format.

Extended TV Package

It is a premium package with additional channels for a viewer subscription fee.


A voice talent with less than five lines is not essential for production.



Moving images and sound are combined in a visual art form that aims to simulate experiences and convey ideas, stories, perceptions, and emotions.


It refers to a sound stage for sourcing sound effects. It involves matching the sound with the picture.

Foley Artist

A foley artist is responsible for recording sound effects by utilizing the stage and foley process.


The unedited raw video file.

Forced Narrative

It is used to clarify speech or elements for the video viewers.


It is the way any file is encoded for a specific platform, software, or player.

Frame Rate

The frequency or speed at which consecutive frames (still images) are shown in succession to create a visual illusion of motion.

Frames Per Second

It refers to the number of frames in one second.


File Transfer Protocol is a method by which media is shared over a public folder so that it is accessible from two computers on the Internet.

Full Screen

Any video that occupies the entire screen.

Full-Motion Video

It refers to full-color, smooth-flowing video and is used as a standard for video playback.



It refers to the media category characterized by content, form, or style.


It refers to the process of addressing the business issues associated with taking a product global.


It is a file maintained with each title that defines characters, locations, cultural and/or fictional terms pertinent to the lore or the world of the particular title.


Hard Disc Drive

HDD is used for media storage and can be portable or in-built into a device.


High Definition (HD) is a video with 1080 horizontal lines and resolution.


High-definition TV enables better resolution for widescreen views and sharper pictures through specially designed equipment.

High Context Culture

It refers to a culture that utilizes implicit communication methods, such as small gestures and relies highly on context.


In-House Production

Any media produced in the studio's own facility is known as in-house production.

In-Store Announcement

PA systems are commonly used in shopping centers or other public areas to make announcements.


The policy or practice to provide equal opportunity and resources to all minority groups.

Independent Film

A movie that is created independently, without the involvement of a major film studio's financial or artistic influence.


It refers to long-format, paid-programming TV commercials aired outside peak hours.


It is the process of bringing together various individuals or groups to form a new unity while preserving the distinctive cultural identities of everyone involved.

Interactive Television

iTV enables users to interact with the media in one or more ways.


A communication method where the program's output is affected by the user's inputs and vice versa.


It is the process of generalizing a program or product to make it appropriate for multiple cultures, languages, and locales without the need for re-design.


It is a service that offers programs and other video content using the IP network.


Integrated Services Digital Network is a high bandwidth digital telephone line that is used to transmit high-quality audio over the Internet.


Interactive Voice Response is an automated phone system enabling incoming callers to access information using pre-recorded messages without assistance from any agent.



A short music tune, commonly used for promotional purposes in advertisements.


Language Pair

The input (source) language and output (target) language are known as the language pair in the localization process.


Transferring the sweetened tape (audio track with the applied companding process) back to the original master tape.


The process of copying the audio and time code from the video edit master onto an audio tape.


The process of transferring audio onto a multi-track tape or hard disk.

Library Music

The pre-recorded (royalty-free music) that producers utilize instead of original music in media.

Linear Distribution

It is a media distribution method that follows a schedule and restricts users from interacting with the media.


Matching the movements of the mouth and facial expressions of a speaker or singer to recorded audio is known as lip-syncing. It is a common post-production technique used in dubbing.

Live Action

It is the process of filming real people, objects, and animals to create motion pictures (cinematography).

Live Captioning

Real-time captioning done for a live broadcast to facilitate deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.

Live Programming

Broadcasting of the program immediately as it is being captured, performed, or delivered.

Live Stream

A video broadcasted directly to the viewers over a platform.

Live Voice Casting

It is the process of casting voice talents by evaluating their performance during the casting session.


The process of making a product or program culturally and linguistically appropriate to the target locale where it will be sold or used.

Long Form Content

It is an extensive-time duration content. It can be a movie, TV series, podcasts, etc.

Low Context Culture

It relies heavily on explicit verbal communication methods and prefers direct communication for a better understanding of the message.

Lower Third

It refers to the bottom third of the screen, where subtitles are displayed or placed by default.


Language Service Provider is a supplier of linguistic services.


M & E

It is a file with music and effects (M & E), split into separate stems and used for language dubbing in a foreign language.

Machine Translation

Translation done without human intervention using a computer system is known as machine translation.


Something that is most popular yet most conventional at a given time.


The master copy refers to the original recording from which all dubs originate.

Media Archive

It refers to a collection of media assets or files so that it is readily available for different workflow needs.

Media Assets

Everything included in a physical video, such as music, images, and audio files.

Media Forms

It refers to the technological channels using which the media (newspaper, radio, TV) is produced, distributed, and consumed.

Media Platform

A method, site, or service responsible for delivering media to the audience.

Media Products

It refers to the particular design of a media form (video, film, program, article, etc.).

Media Synergy

A combination of media assets that supplement each other and share similar characteristics.


A unit of cultural detail or information that one mind transmits to another mind either verbally or by demonstration.


The information accompanying a media file that provides details about the audio-visual or other content.


Musical Instrument Digital Interface is a communication protocol that enables synthesizers, drum machines, computers, and other processors to interact with and/or control each other.

Mix Cue Sheet

A sheet tracking notations for volume levels, footage, fades, and equalizations used in soundtrack mixing.

Mixing Board

It is a device sound engineers use to combine sounds for various audio signals.


It refers to the loudspeakers in the control room.


A recording is termed as monophonic when a sound emanates from one source.

Monochronic Culture

Sequencing actions based on one thing at a time principle is known as monochronic culture.


It is the process of selecting, editing, and integrating separate sections of a media asset using software to develop a complete and continuous sequence.

Mother Tongue

The first native language of a person that they have learned from birth.


A widely accepted technology and format used to compress audio sequences into small files.


Multichannel refers to a final mix that contains more than just stereo information.


Appreciating cultural diversity so that various ethnic and cultural groups retain their distinctive identities.


A technology that enables video, sound, text, graphics, and images to be combined into a single program.


It is a device or equipment used for mixing TV signals into a single video recorder.


A device that can record and play back multiple tracks simultaneously.

Music Cue Sheet

A music-track list for acquiring usage rights to use in production.



The way or approach of telling the story plot.

Narrative Subs

Any text that appears On Screen and is plot-pertinent is referred to as a Narrative. This could be a text message, a window sign, a close up of a book cover, etc.


The one who tells the tale to the viewers.

Native Advertising

A strategy to advertise a product through media by organically aligning the content, format, and purpose of the program.

Native Speaker

A person who has spoken a language from the age of five and has a standard accent specific to that region.

Native Stream

Native stream refers to the reference or source language used for subsequent work. In the case of a Chinese show being translated into French using an English template, English would be considered as the native stream, since the translation would be done in English not Chinese


It is a leading manufacturer of recording microphones.

Non Diegetic Sound

Any sound, music, effect or narraction not visible on the screen and added separtely.


It refers to the public distribution of the media that is accessible at any time.

Non-Linear Distribution

It is a media distribution method that does not follow a schedule and lets users interact with the media.

Non-Union Project

Any voice-over project that is not compliant with a voice-acting union standard.


It is also a media distribution system that lets users record the program.


A group to regulate US TV broadcasting specifications formed by the Federal Communication Commission (National Televisions Standards Committee).


On Hold

An automated phone system that plays pre-recorded messages to callers while they wait to be transferred to a representative.

On-Screen Titles

Excluding the subtitles, all the text displayed on the video frame is called on-screen titles.

Open Captions

These captions are burned into a video track, become a part of the video, and cannot be turned off.

Optical Sound

It is a type of soundtrack containing a record that takes form of the variations of a photographic image.


The process of developing or producing the original program, audio, or video asset.

Origination Order

Origination orders refer to orders where English template/CC/SDH or a language translation are required for creation.


It is a streaming media service provided directly to viewers over the internet.

Over Speed

Any subtitle event or piece of text that goes over the read speed, as specified in a particular style guide.



It refers to a 625 line and 25 frames per second TV signal standard, incompatible with NTSC, used in Europe.

Paper Noise

The noise that the microphone captures when the voice actor shuffles the script.


A digital connection for broadcasting or recording.

Pause TV

It lets viewers pause and resume the program.

Pay Or Play

It refers to a contract provision in which the production company is liable to compensate the voice talent or actor whether the project goes into production or not.

Pay TV (STV)

Pay TV or Subscription TV is a service for which users pay a monthly fee.


A television service that requires viewers to pay to watch a specific video or program.

Phrase Match

The recording technique where the length of phrases in the source and target language match, but the lip movements are not required to be in perfect sync is known as a dubbing style.

Picture In Picture

PIP is the visualization effect where a small video window is superimposed over a large one, and both play simultaneously.

Pink Noise

A noise in the background that gradually decreases in amplitude as the frequency increases.


Transmission of television channels or radio from a broadcaster to broadcast networks for delivering content to the audience.


A collection of audio files that can be subscribed to and streamed on any device at any time.

Polychronic Culture

Multiple tasks are handled simultaneously, while time is subordinate to interpersonal relations.

Pop Filter

A foam that covers the microphone to reduce popping sounds.


Positioning refers to the location of a subtitle event on the screen.


The act of human editors reviewing and enhancing the output of machine translations to improve its quality.


All the work done on the media after production, such as SFX, editing, etc., comes under post-production.


It involves production preparations such as concept development, defining goals, and production planning.

Pre-Recorded Programming

A program that is not broadcasted immediately after captured, performed, or delivered.

Prime Time

The schedule or time of a television or radio that is expected to attract the largest audience.

Pro Tools

Avid Technology has created and launched a digital audio workstation that caters to the needs of professional audio production.


An individual responsible for overseeing and managing voice-over sessions.


The process of media creation.

Production Specifications

It includes the instructions, directives, preferences, and expectations provided for a particular production by the client.

Production Subs

Production Subs contain dialogues, and on-screen text as part of the subtitle file (i.e., Narrative subs, dialogues, and sound effects in case of SDH or CC).

Program Format

It defines the general character of the program, e.g., news, reality, entertainment, etc.


It is a spot developed by a radio channel or TV and used for the promotion of upcoming shows or programs.


Reviewing the production materials to find and fix mistakes made during production.


It is a high-quality video format for exporting and editing master media files.


It is a study related to human perception and the use of organized space.


These are lower-resolution versions of media files used for editing, recording, and mixing references and easy file transferring.

Public Service Broadcaster

It can be defined as a TV or radio broadcaster, independent of government but financed by public funds.



A system is in place to guarantee the quality of localization efforts (Quality assurance).


Quality Control refers to various controls designed to guarantee the expected or agreed-upon localization output.


Quadraphonic refers to a sound system that uses four channels or speakers for sound reproduction.



The compensation of a voice talent for re-running a spot using their voice.

Read Speed

It refers to the pace at which an average viewer can read subtitles on a screen.

Reading Speed

Also known as presentation rate. It is the speed or rate at which subtitles are displayed on the screen.


A TV set that consists of an audio amplifier, tuner, and a speaker.


Combining all media elements in a single file.


It refers to the continuing payments of voice talent for airing a spot using their voice.


The picture detail reproduced by a video system and is influenced by the camera's internal optics, pickup, lens, recording medium, and playback monitor.


It means redoing the audio recording at the client's request.


It is the continuation or prolongation of sound caused by multiple reflections.

Reverse EPG

Media distribution system that enables users to scroll back through the EPGs (electronic program guides) to watch already aired programs.

Rich Media

A type of media offering an interactive experience with animation, audio, video, text, or games.


A TV or radio program repeating immediately after the first broadcast.


The payment the licensee makes to the licensor in exchange for the right to use the physical asset or intellectual property.



Screen Actor's Guild is an American union of performers and film actors.


A text guide explaining the content for a performance or production.


Subtitles that cater to individuals with hearing impairments by merging both subtitle and caption content into a unified file are known as "Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing" or "Hard-of-Hearing subtitles".


During a specific time, television networks introduce a set of new TV shows, typically consisting of 24 episodes for a full season.


It refers to a 625 line and 25 frames per second TV signal standard used in former communist block countries, France, and other areas, including parts of Africa.


Grouping individuals or particular categories of people to separate them from others.


An event where a voice actor performs a script while being recorded.

Session Fee

The compensation that the voice talent gets for a recording session.


Artificially created or enhanced sounds used in film, television, video games, and other media to enhance the overall audio experience.

Short Form Content

It is a short-time duration content. It can be a TV commercial, promo, trailer, etc.

Shot Change

The transition from one cut or scene to another.


A short audio file to showcase the work of a voice-over agency or voice talent, also known as a sizzle reel.


Broadcasting the same program to multiple transmitters.


Sitcom or situation comedy refers to a humorous TV show featuring the same characters on each program, that usually airs once a week.


It is a time code standard for audio, video, and film named after the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers, responsible for sanctioning recording systems in North America.

Soap Opera

A type of television or radio show that usually focuses on the daily experiences of a same group of characters.

Sound Board

Also known as an audio console or a mixer, the engineer merges multiple inputs to send over the speaker as one signal with it.

Sound Design

Custom sound effects are utilized in post-production to enhance the expressiveness of media.

Sound Effects

Sounds that are either created or enhanced artificially, to emphasize the creative and artistic intent of the content.


A technique where the sound that was previously recorded on one track is transferred to another track while incorporating new material.


The audio component of a video recording, which is usually complex, consists of voiceovers, background music, and sound effects.

Source Connect

It is a platform developed by Source Elements and used for remote studio session recording and monitoring via the Internet.

Source Count

It defines the number of words in a file that need to be translated.

Source File

A document containing the original source material in its unaltered form.

Source Language

It refers to the original language of the file before it was translated.

Source Text

It is the text or material subject to localization.


The process of converting voice audio into text material using software (STT).

Spot Checking

The QC process involving checking random areas of a video for pertinent errors.


It is the process of placing subtitles on the video timeline concerning the timing of their screen appearance so that the subtitles are synchronized with their corresponding spoken dialogue or on-screen text.

Standard Definition

SD refers to a video file with less than 720 horizontal lines of resolution.


A stem is a separate or individual audio output for a group of tracks.


It uses two separate sound sources to create a natural human hearing experience.


Over-generalizing assumptions and beliefs about a particular group of people.


A server or hard drive to save or stock up all media files.


It presents the concept of a video by the art director and copywriter for a client presentation.

Style Guide

A set of guidelines provided to the translator that outlines the expected writing standards, tone of voice, and specifications for the final output.


It refers to a subdivision or part of a dominant culture with distinctly integrated attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

Subtitle Editor

A software used for creating, editing, and synchronizing subtitles in a video file.

Subtitle Event

Each screen of subtitles is referred to as a subtitle event.

Subtitle Placement

It refers to the position of the subtitle on the screen.

Subtitle Template

It refers to the list of 'master subtitles' containing the already defined 'in' and 'out' times.


Subtitling is the process of adding written text to a video or film to provide a translation of the dialogue in a foreign language.

Surround Sound

Sound that emanates from speakers positioned above or at the back of the audience.


Subscription Video on Demand is a service that requires users to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the bundled content.


It is a process used in post-production to enhance the recorded audio by adding additional audio and effects.


The act of aligning multiple tracks to match a voice, to ensure that they start or end simultaneously.



The concluding segment of a commercial typically includes details such as a specific date and time, contact phone number, website address, and a legal disclaimer.


It refers to each attempt by the voice talent over the recording.


In an audio console, there is a button linked to the microphone that enables the sound engineer or dubbing director to communicate with the voice talent present in the booth.

Target Language

It refers to the desired language the material needs to be translated into.


Software is used to convert text material into voice audio (TTS).


It is a type of content produced for cinema distribution.

Time Coding

The process of timing the audio signals or dialogues in the video.

Time Stamps

These are timing markers added to an audio or video transcript.

Timed Recording

A recording technique that involves setting a specific time limit for each line or section of the script, which must be adhered to without exceeding it, is known as time-constrained recording.


It is a sequential visual representation of media within the editing software.


These are on-screen moving images or text that help illustrate points in a video.


It refers to a Translation Memory Editor commonly used in translation.


A feature film's commercial short preview, made to be displayed at the movie theatres in the future.


Converting one media encoding format to another.


Taking into consideration the cross-cultural adaptation while translation of a marketing copy and advertisement.


It is the systematic representation of speech in a written form.


Converting the meaning of a source language text to the target language text.

Translation Management Platform

TMP is a web-based or desktop application facilitating a collaborative environment for localization projects.

Translation Memory Software

It automates the storage of matching sources and TMS (target language segment) for future use.


The actual delivery of the video and audio segment of the program from point to point.


The part of a satellite responsible for broadcasting the signal.


A device responsible for receiving RF signals from an antenna or other RF sources and decoding them into separate video and audio signals.

Turnaround Time

The entire duration required to complete a project.


It is a process of transferring knowledge as part of a learning process.

TV Channel

It is the frequency band assigned to a television station.

TV Everywhere

It is a media distribution system that lets users access the program from any device upon user account identification.


It refers to a short TV commercial or advertisement aired during the break on a TV channel.



Ultra High Definition includes 4k and 8k video resolution.

Union Project

Any voice-over project that is compliant with the voice acting union standards.


Transmission of a signal from a ground station to a communication satellite.

Usage Fee

An additional fee is paid to the voice talent for airing a spot using their voice.


Verbatim Subtitles

Word-to-word subtitling of dialogues.

Video Frame

A still image (single frame) taken from the video file.


It is the representation of something, not the real thing.


Video on Demand is a media distribution system enabling viewers to access videos without following a broadcasting schedule or any playback device.

Voice Demo

It refers to a pre-recorded audio file demonstrating the talent of a voice actor.

Voice Demo Casting

Casting voice talent by evaluating their performance in the pre-recorded voice demos.

Voice Library

It is a database storing various voices based on different criteria, such as gender, language, pitch, etc., for casting voice talent.

Voice Over

An audio recording used in movies or broadcasts where the speaker's voice is heard without any accompanying visual image.

Voice Over Agent

An individual representing voice talent to producers and casting directors.

Voice Talent

A voice-over artist/actor, entertainer, or broadcast performer.


A virual world that users can access using a VR headset.



It is a post-production technique to create the effect of imitating the background crowd.


It protects the file from unauthorized usage as a digital print on media makes it worthless beyond the means of reference.


The Waveform Audio File Format (WAV) is a standard audio file format that was jointly developed by IBM and Microsoft. It is used for storing audio bit streams on personal computers.

Wet Audio

It refers to the processed or affected audio signal that has been altered by adding effects such as reverb or delay.

Wet Recording

It is the processed audio recording.

White Noise

A persistent noise in the background that maintains a consistent volume throughout all detectable frequencies.


Any window or object that occupies the screen at an aspect ratio of over 1.33 to 1.

Wild Recording

Recording the audio or video content without any time restrictions or matching the length of lines or sections to other versions of the script.

Word Count

The total number of words in a text is typically used as a reference to quote the translation or localization projects.

Words Per Minute

It is also a reading speed measure. It refers to the number of words displayed within a minute on screen.


It is a disk-based recording and editing system.

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Our multi-cultural teams do not simply “understand” customer needs; they are experts at fulfilling them. With our multi-channel solutions in place, we increase brand recognition and deliver key intelligence to our clients for core decision making.

Lime Green Media

Our multi-cultural teams do not simply “understand” customer needs; they are experts at fulfilling them. With our multi-channel solutions in place, we increase brand recognition and deliver key intelligence to our clients for core decision making.

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