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Using video as part of your company’s marketing communications strategy can help you reach wider audiences. But this can become a tricky proposition if you want to do this in multiple language formats, from varying locations across the globe against stringent deadlines and expectations. This is where you can leverage the power of Subtitling.

Subtitling service makes videos easily accessible to larger audiences, including foreign-language speakers, hard-of-hearing individuals, and anyone else who has difficulty watching a video without sound. Moreover, subtitling helps improve customer engagement and boosts SEO efforts for content producers.

Lime Green Media is a preferred Subtitling partner for some of the world’s largest studios, brands, broadcasters, and service providers. We subtitle everything from TV, film, commercials, marketing & advertising content to games and much more. Our subject-matter experts work with the latest software tools and techniques to produce industry-specific work with a 2-tier quality process, whereby each file is reviewed by a QA and Senior QA. Over the years we have been handling multilingual subtitling projects and translating spoken language into the written word, keeping into consideration all existing audio and video formats.

Whether you require English subtitle service for your upcoming Chinese blockbuster, or closed captions for the latest season of your Turkish drama series, our dedicated in-house team and a wide network of native translators across the globe are primed and ready to provide Subtitling services in over 50 languages.

Video Subtitling

Quality video subtitling and video captioning require more than just an accurate transcript or translation. You need to have the right balance of technology and human expertise to create the desired level of impact with your videos. The key ingredients that constitute professional video subtitling include the right mix of speed, quality, convenience, and scalability. At Lime Green Media, we equip our teams with all the right tools to create the best plausible quality of subtitles for videos.

Whether it is a once-off video captioning project or an ongoing requirement, a simple or a fairly complicated video subtitling need, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that all your subtitling needs are taken into account from video ingestion to final delivery. We give you complete control over the entire presentation, including the language and how much of the audio comprises captions or subtitles.

Closed Captioning

With more than 466 million individuals worldwide suffering from hearing impairment, including almost 34 million children, it is imperative that content producers and marketers offer accessible content in the form of closed captions for such an audience. Lime Green Media, being a multimedia localization provider, offers closed captioning (CC) services that facilitate content creators to reach out seamlessly to the hearing impaired. Our primary objective is to increase content accessibility and help you reach large, multilingual audiences across the globe.

Our subject-matter experts and dedicated team of closed captioning professionals provide workable solutions for our clients. Each of our projects goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that we deliver as per industry benchmarks. Our closed captioning services are at par with industry standards, enabling us to deliver on time every time as per the client’s requirements.

Why Choose Lime Green Media?

When you want to reach multilingual audiences across the world, partner with Lime Green Media. Over the years, we have provided professional subtitling, closed captioning, and other language services to OTT providers, film studios, and Fortune 500 companies for all major platforms. With our global community of in-territory translators and experienced linguists, we have the capacity and capability of handling the highest volume of demand.

Over time, we have developed some of the stringent linguistic quality control protocols in the industry, ensuring that Lime Green Media stands out among subtitling service providers and delivers above and beyond client expectations; on-time. Every time. With global capacity across 50+ languages, we provide closed captioning and subtitling services for all kinds of footage, including:

  • Short and full-length films
  • Company videos
  • Public service announcements
  • E-Learning webinars, tutorials, and video subtitles
  • Movie subtitles
  • Documentary subtitles
  • Animation subtitles
  • Game subtitles
  • Social media video subtitles
  • Vlog subtitles

Our Subtitle
Translation Process

Whether it’s a film, documentary, game, or an E-learning tutorial, share your video content with global audiences through Lime Green Media’s Subtitling services and let our talent pool work on your content pool. Our subject-matter experts and seasoned subtitles are meticulous and professional in translating while maintaining the original style, tone, humor, and context of the audio. We make sure that your subtitles are diligently time-coded and time-stamped to make them clear and easy to read.

Here is how our subtitle translation process looks like:

  • Receipt and Evaluation of client’s video content
  • Subtitle Formatting and Timing
  • 2-Tier Preliminary Reviews
  • Generation of a Translation Template
  • Commencement of Translation
  • Translation Review
  • Generation of Target Language Subtitles
  • The output of appropriate files

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Our multi-cultural teams do not simply “understand” customer needs; they are experts at fulfilling them. With our multi-channel solutions in place, we increase brand recognition and deliver key intelligence to our clients for core decision making.

Lime Green Media

Our multi-cultural teams do not simply “understand” customer needs; they are experts at fulfilling them. With our multi-channel solutions in place, we increase brand recognition and deliver key intelligence to our clients for core decision making.

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