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Technical QC Services

A mistranslated user guide for a home appliance can be frustrating. A carelessly translated conference schedule can prove to be misleading and embarrassing. However, a typo or two in a legal or medical record can be life-threatening. Lime Green Media thoroughly understands the importance of quality and accuracy and that is why we undertake comprehensive checks and rechecks of all your translation work to ensure the highest quality standards. A credentialed linguist of your target language is assigned the review who painstakingly checks for grammar, spelling, style and tone, usage correctness, and adherence to specific parameters.

We also carry out localization quality assurance to check the functionality of localized software alongside associated linguistic aspects. Our highly skilled in-house quality assurance team meticulously looks for fluency, functional bugs, correct use of technical terms, and anything else that might come across as inappropriate, disrespectful, or unnecessarily humorous for the intended audiences. Moreover, a content audit is undertaken to assess how effective is your existing content and how it can be optimized to achieve the desired results. Our team of seasoned linguists and cultural experts can provide detailed analyses of our clients’ content in various markets.

Lime Green Media’s intensive quality assurance process is also provided as a standalone service for translations conducted by an outside source. You can rely on us to read between the lines while carrying out quality checks for all your translation-related needs.

Linguistic QC

At Lime Green Media, it is our belief that Linguistic Quality Assurance lies at the very heart and core of each and every translation and localization effort. That is why our seasoned linguists and language specialists are extra diligent in developing, executing, and reporting on quality standards in each and every aspect and across multiple sectors.

No matter what you share with us for LQA testing, you can rest assured that our specially trained QA testers will make sure that it undergoes a thorough testing process for a price that is market competitive and justified. If you are searching for a simpler, yet quicker approach that requires evaluation of material that has already been translated, we can assign error categories and sub-categories using our scorecard approach to measure severity levels.

Regardless of how the service best fits into your needs, our prime objective is to assure you that all your translated content is of the highest accuracy and quality

Functional QC

Apart from linguistics, localization, and DTP, functional quality assurance (FQA) is critical for any technical product or service. Our FQA testing process can easily be integrated into your development process or provided as a separate stand-alone service. Our dedicated in-house team of quality testers and product specialists diligently checks every aspect of your system, product, or tool to get you ready for your target market as soon as plausible.

We ensure that our system and processes are transparent by adapting online tracking tools and providing you with regular updates. Culture and work practices at Lime Green Media’s HQ bring together product and process specialists from our global network that offer a wealth of experience and deep understanding of the latest testing technologies. By partnering with us, you can be confident that your product will pass any functionality test with flying colors.

Why Choose Lime Green Media?

When you want to reach multilingual audiences across the world, partner with Lime Green Media. Over the years, we have provided professional subtitling, dubbing, voiceover, linguistic quality control, and other language services to OTT providers, film studios, and Fortune 500 companies for all major platforms. With our global community of in-territory translators and experienced linguists, we have the capacity and capability of handling the highest volume of demand.

Over time, we have developed some of the stringent linguistic quality control protocols in the industry, ensuring that Lime Green Media stands out among localization service providers and delivers above and beyond client expectations; on-time. Every time. With global capacity across 50+ languages, we provide linguistic and functional quality control and assurance services, including:

  • Correcting multilingual document
  • Linguistic and Functional debugging
  • Proofing
  • Formatting & Style improvements
  • Manual and automated verifications
  • Re-use of previously made translation checklists
  • Fluency
  • Correction of technical terms
  • Identification of Typos and mistakes
  • Compiling Online aids and linguistic instruction kits

Our Quality
Control Process

Whether it’s a film, documentary, game, or an E-learning tutorial, share your content with global audiences by partnering with Lime Green Media’s Linguistic and Functional Testing Services and letting our quality experts work on your content pool. Our subject-matter experts and seasoned quality specialists are meticulous and professional in quality control and assurance from every aspect across multiple sectors and industries. We have the right mix of project managers, linguists, technicians, and engineers to carry out all sorts of quality-related tests at market-competitive pricing.

Here is how our typical quality control process looks like:

  • The client provides test cases and scope
  • Preparation of testing environment
  • Provision of Style guides and glossaries to resources
  • Reporting process discussion with the client
  • Commencement of Testing
  • Feedback from Client
  • End of Testing and subsequent Report generation

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Lime Green Media

Our multi-cultural teams do not simply “understand” customer needs; they are experts at fulfilling them. With our multi-channel solutions in place, we increase brand recognition and deliver key intelligence to our clients for core decision making.

Lime Green Media

Our multi-cultural teams do not simply “understand” customer needs; they are experts at fulfilling them. With our multi-channel solutions in place, we increase brand recognition and deliver key intelligence to our clients for core decision making.

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